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Fujian to host the 6 - 18 Taiwan Institute of precision machinery and equipment technology matchmaking
09/01/2015 hits:3773

On December 23, 2014, Fujian Province Development and Reform Commission, Fujian Province 6 - 18 Virtual Research Institute of machinery and equipment (Fuzhou) branch jointly organized a 6 - 18 Taiwan ITRI precision machinery and equipment technology special matchmaking. This is the 6 study, 18 virtual Fujian Academy of mechanical equipment (Fuzhou) held since the branch was founded in the first activity.

Fujian provincial development and Reform Commission will be subject to the high attention, the provincial development and Reform Commission deputy director Lin Wenbin, the project director of the project to promote Cai Rongfu has to address.

Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute of mechanical and System Research Institute of the two sides to promote the group deputy director Dr. Jiang Minxuan, Taiwan Qin Yi University of science and Technology University, Professor Cai Mingyi and other 7 people were invited to attend the docking. Fujian Machinery Industry Association, Fujian Province, the tool industry association of the leadership, from the Fuzhou University,, Fujian University of Technology, Fujian Agriculture And Forestry University, mechanical and equipment experts and scholars and related business leaders to participate in the docking.

6 / 18 Virtual Research Institute of Fujian province machinery and equipment (Fuzhou) branch president Chen Qingyou in the first speech on the meeting. President Chen in his speech in the 6 - 18 Virtual Research Institute of machinery and equipment (Fuzhou) branch of the organization, functions, function and working mode, placed the docking will be a complete success. He said that the docking will will to strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, and promote the transformation of the Fujian Province machinery and equipment industry enterprises play a beneficial role in upgrading.

Docking, industry experts, professors and business leaders from Taiwan and Fujian area to discuss the subject of technical exchange and docking, communication and two-way docking.

Dr. Jiang Minxuan introduces Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as the ITRI) the organizational structure and operation mode, especially the Taiwan ITRI's machinery and equipment development and results of the project. It is reported that ITRI Taiwan is Taiwan's largest industrial science and technology research and development institutions, in Taiwan's technology research and development, transfer and the upgrading of industrial technology to pilot role, and venture capital industry incubation and hatching out a large number of high growth and high value-added potential of science and technology projects, the Taiwan industrial development played a decisive impact. Belonging to ITRI Industrial Machinery Research Institute is dedicated to high-end, green energy-saving equipment of cutting-edge technology research and development, in the development of high-end machine tool not only advanced is very distinctive.

Professor Chen Congjia introduced the research results and industrialization of Taiwan in the field of numerical control machine tool, mechanical component design, machining, abrasive machining, chemical mechanical polishing and so on.

Zhang Gengzhang, deputy general manager of the Taiwan friends of the company's main business, and the Taiwan Technology University cooperation in the production of major projects and achievements, as well as the company's industrial layout in the world. It is reported that the friends of Ka industrial group is a well-known enterprises in Taiwan, the Taiwan machine tool factory is the first class enterprise, its asset value and production and sales are listed in Taiwan counterparts. Friends of Ka industrial group in Japan as well as Zhejiang, Hangzhou, Taiwan are equipped with CNC machine tool factory. Taiwan friends of the company is a Polytron Technologies Inc specializing in the production of high precision surface grinder a full range of joint-stock enterprises, access to a number of patents, is the backbone of Taiwan's key enterprises.

Chen Panshui, chairman of Fujian Da Yu heavy numerical control machine tool Co., Ltd, introduces the key technology of DY7130 high precision vibration precision lapping machine, the key technology and the research content and hope to reach the goal of Taiwan. He said he would like to have more cooperation with the Taiwan friends of the company in the future.

Fujian Zhongbo Machinery Development Co., Ltd. Zhang Ying, general manager sincerely welcome Taiwan experts to Sanming Jiangle mould assemble to guide the work of the park, hope in the future to the in mold technology and Taiwan experts and entrepreneurs have more exchanges and cooperation.

Matchmaking, Chen Qingyou dean to be employed settled a specialist certificate issued by the Fujian Province 6 - 18 Virtual Research Institute of machinery and equipment (Fuzhou) branch of the four Taiwan Professor, Dr..

In the forensic Dean Chen Qingyou, Cairong Fu director and Jiang Minxuan Dr. Fujian of Yu heavy NC Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Fujian Province 6 - 18 Virtual Research Institute of machinery and equipment (Fuzhou) branch, Taiwan frequently Yi University of technology, Taiwan Friends of Kerry Group of numerous Cheng science and Technology Co., Ltd., Taiwan MIRL jointly signed the DY7130 high precision vibration fine lapping machine cooperation agreement; Fujian Province 6 - 18 Virtual Research Institute of machinery and equipment (Fuzhou) branch and Taiwan chin Yi University of technology each signed a technology cooperation agreement.