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2015 China (Shanghai) international precision machining and CNC Machine Tool Exhibition
15/01/2015 hits:4349

Exhibition Name: 2015 China (Shanghai) international precision machining and CNC Machine Tool Exhibition

Exhibition time: 2015-05-13 to 2015-05-15

Exhibition period: 1 years

Application deadline: May 1, 2015

Venue: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Exhibition Name: Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center

Organizer: China Association of equipment management, China Machinery Manufacturing Industry Association

Organizer: Beijing International Exhibition Service Co., ltd.,

Display content: new product categories to focus on the user's market

Machining of mechanical parts

Machining, heat treatment, grinding, coating, assembly, surface treatment, metal stamping, mold manufacturing, mold processing, etc.

Molding equipment forging, hammering, powder pressing, bending, folding, straightening, cutting, punching, slotting, drawing and other ways of processing metal machine, etc.

Metal cutting equipment

Machining centers, laser cutting machine, laser gas cutting machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine, CNC machine, boring machine, milling machine, grinder, lathe, electric spark machine, line cutting machine, RP machine, polishing equipment, repair equipment, engraving machine, drilling, sawing machine, combination machine tool etc.

Die CAE Technology

Hardware and software, machine tool control system, automatic programming system, rapid tooling system, flexible processing system, etc.

All kinds of mold cold stamping die, plastic mold, forging die, die-casting mold, glass mould, Tao Zuimo, powder metallurgy die, rapid economic mold, Die accessories, industry and trade clip inspection device etc.

Mold fittings mold, template and a guide post bushing, push rod, a punch, fasteners, a spring, a sprue bushing, hot runner components, placed rotary rasp wheel, an oil cylinder, etc.

Motor parts and servo control unit: micro CNC processing, servo motor, sensor, servo unit, servo module, etc.


Testing instruments, measuring tools, cutting tools, cutting tools, positioning and locked device, ultrasonic cleaning machine, machine tool accessories, hardware tools, hand tools, grinding oil, cutting oil, lubricating oil, release agent, electrical accessories processing, all kinds of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric components and connectors

Details: China Shanghai International Precision Machinery Processing Exhibition (SIA) total area of over 22000 square meters, standard booth 1500, creating a global top industry automation industry event. SIA was named as the most valuable exhibition industry exhibition in China in 2014.

Exhibition background

Precision machining of parts is an important part in many fields. The development of precision machining technology is of great significance to the construction of the country.

In the design of precision machining parts. With the development of computer technology, the development and transformation of scientific research achievements have been developed rapidly, which has promoted the improvement of the traditional precision machining technology. The universal use of computer aided technology improves the design level and product development capability of precision machining technology. It is the function of the precision machining in the market.

In the application of precision machining technology. Precision machining technology in the rapid prototyping manufacturing technology has also been significantly improved, in a variety of important mechanical parts in the presence of precision parts processing. The new laser processing technology has a substantial progress in the research and development of technology.

In management. After the new production technology is used in the process of precision machining, the management of the system and the mode of production are realized, which can reduce the waste of the staff.

[Select SIA advantage]

1, ideal for buyers full contact: Shanghai is one of the world's trading cities, domestic and foreign buyers sourcing group gathered, this exhibition will bring you more than 10 countries and regions, more than 6 professionals and buyers. The audience mainly comes from: mechanical, automobile, electrical appliances, machine tools, textile, petrochemical, electric power, transportation, metal, metallurgy, aerospace, military, mining and other industries and fields.

2, in a variety of media do a lot of exhibition promotion, will be in the domestic and foreign well-known, authoritative professional magazines, Internet, newspaper advertisements and reports, by mainly: China steel processing network, Chinese pressure gauge network, mechanical processing, papermaking machinery, China net net net, China metalworking precision machine tool network, network, Chinese machine machine tool factory store, Chinese transmission network, modern mechanical industry network, machine and hydraulic, bearing, bearing the net Bai Lian net, Chinese bearing information network, general machinery, machinery industry, international business of mechanical transmission, mechanical transmission parts and components, the power transmission and control technology, easy to browse the web global network, network, network China bearing automobile bearing, bearing, bearing China Global Information Center online network, Golden Spider bearing network, global bearing network.

3, printed 15 million copies of the exhibition news and business invitation, by hosting, CO organizer invited international and domestic producers, agents, vendors, etc. related institutions to negotiate, order, visit.


Report: 2015 Exhibition on May 11-12 (9:00 - 17:00) opening time: May 13, 2015 (9:00)

Display time: May 2015 13-15 (16:30 9:00) closing time: May 15, 2015 (14:30)

Charging standard

1, booth fees

(a) standard booth:

1 Specifications: each standard booth 9 square meters (3 meters x 3 meters).

2 configuration: (1) three panels (double sides and carpet; booth boarding, are 2.5 meters high)

(2) a desk and two chairs;

(3) English exhibitors in the name of fascia;

(4) two lights, a power source