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2015 China (Guangzhou) International Machine Tool and Precision Machining Exhibition
31/07/2015 hits:4906

2015 China (Guangzhou) International Machine Tool and Precision Machining Exhibition

International (Guangzhou) Precision Machining2015 China

September 2015 23-25 Guangzhou poly World Trade Exhibition Center

Organizer: China Machinery Manufacturing Industry Association, China Association of equipment management

Support units: Shenzhen Robot Association, China Association of mechanical and electrical products Circulation Association

Shenzhen Machine Tool Association, Guangzhou Machine Tool Association, China Association for precision machinery

China Automobile Manufacturing Industry Association Guangzhou machinery and Equipment Association

Organizer: Beijing International Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

International Cooperation: Taiwan automation and robotics Association of Japan working machinery Selling Association of German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (VDW)

American Association of industrial robots, Korea Machinery Manufacturing Technology Association (AMT)

Exhibition introduction:

Guangzhou is China's largest electronic manufacturing and automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, metallurgy, mobile phones, aerospace, new energy, mold manufacturing, precision machining, household appliances, jewelry, machine and precision machinery processing industry, become machine tools and precision machining focus and efforts to expand the battleground.

This exhibition will be the theme of "professional international", including intelligent manufacturing, CNC machine tools, parts processing, molding equipment, metal cutting processing equipment, mold CAE technology, technology exchanges, trade cooperation, brand promotion in a one-stop procurement platform, CNC machine tools and precision machining and production suppliers, agents, distributors and end users of important international event for the industry colleagues met, met, provides an ideal business platform. In recent years the show has a number of industry leading enterprises support and participation, such as Shenyang machine tool, Qinchuan, ha quite, Haas, FANUC, Mori Seiki, DMG, Mazak, Makino, Dalian machine tool, Huatian laser, Shenzhen Han's, new grid, China Everbright, stars, high-energy, hung radium laser, Chu Sandvik, million Knight of the United States, France Sefiti, German Thomas, Dalian far east group, Kazakhstan, wode Seiki, Guan punch force, Hunan Samsung, in machinery, bamboo machinery field, Lima, Germany, Jia machine, hands, Ike, Leung Faat house remember etc..

Beijing China development of the world letter in line for the enterprise to develop the market, promote the exchange, expand the sales service purpose. SIA-2015 China (Guangzhou) International Machine Tool and precision machinery processing exhibition will be on September 23 - 25, will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou poly World Trade Center Exhibition Hall, as the most scale and influence of the intelligent machine and smart event in the field of mechanical processing, the SIA will integrate the resources for domestic and foreign intelligent machine and smart machinery processing manufacturers provide a can do export can also do domestic trade exhibition platform, so that domestic and foreign exhibitors to more effective to develop international and domestic markets. I believe this exhibition will bring you unlimited business opportunities, look at the machine tool and smart machine processing units involved in active participation!